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SolarWinds Cloud encompasses Pingdom, Librato and Papertrail and is hiring for all teams.

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What is SolarWinds Cloud?

SolarWinds Cloud provides full-stack cloud monitoring with the joint powers of Pingdom, Librato and Papertrail. Together, these technologies provide an end-to-end view on performance of websites or cloud-based applications – from the user perspective throughout the infrastructure stack.

By offering solutions to monitor and manage cloud-based applications, infrastructure and logs, SolarWinds Cloud helps IT Pros, DevOps teams, developers, website and web application owners ensure a seamless experience for end users and manage the complexity of dynamic cloud infrastructure to drive maximum performance.

Web performance management

Pingdom provides website and web performance monitoring with the goal of making the web faster and more reliable for all. With trusted and extensive website monitoring capabilities, Pingdom users are the first to know if their websites are down or if customers are experiencing issues.

  • UPTIME MONITORING: Tests websites or web apps every minute from locations around the world
  • REAL USER MONITORING: Delivers insight into actual visitor experience by country, browser or device
  • SYNTHETIC TRANSACTION MONITORING: Ensures that important web transactions (e.g. signup, login, checkout) work as expected
  • INCIDENT MANAGEMENT AND ALERTING: Sends the right alert to the right person at the right time
  • FULL PAGE PERFORMANCE TESTING: Identifies the impact on website performance for each element of the page: HTML, JavaScript, CSS files, images, etc.
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Real-time cloud monitoring

Librato delivers real-time cloud monitoring, providing valuable insight at any layer of the stack – infrastructure, runtime and application metrics – and transforming thousands of data points into relevant and actionable information about how applications are running and how to fix problems, allowing teams to focus on metrics and alerts that matter most to their organizations.

  • COLLECTION: Gathers metrics directly from AWS, Azure, and Google, APIs, application code, configuration management tools and other services
  • CORRELATION: Aggregates, compares, transforms, time-shifts and summarizes raw data
  • VISUALS: Provides easy analysis of time-series data and manipulation of metrics, events, annotations, chart axis labels and titles
  • ALERTS: Allows users to customize notifications using complex alert criteria and sends alerts via email, UI, webhooks or many other integrated alerting tools

Papertrail is the newest component of the SolarWinds Cloud portfolio and provides quick and easy collection, monitoring, search, and analysis of the rich log data generated by the infrastructure and applications. SolarWinds Cloud will be hiring for Papertrail positions within the Librato job postings.

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